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Ann Arbor MI 3/26/12 3/26/12 Documentary on the 1990s campaign to expose Big Tobacco, with SPH's Cliff Douglas introducing the film.


SPH Film Series: Addiction Incorporated (2011)

About exposing Big Tobacco; remarks by SPH's Cliff Douglas, who is featured in the film

March 26, 2012
5:00 p.m.
SPH II Auditorium
1415 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2029

Sponsored by SPH Office of Public Health Practice, UM Tobacco Research Network
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addiction cig packThis documentary film by director Charles Evans Jr. tells the story of Victor DeNoble, one of the most important and influential whistleblowers of all time, and the 1990s campaign to expose Big Tobacco. In the 1980s, DeNoble was a research scientist at a major tobacco company where he was tasked with finding a substitute for nicotine that would not cause heart attacks.  His quest was to discover if it would be possible to creat a cigarette that would be safer for smokers (although not necessarily less addictive).  DeNoble succeeded, but in the process produced something that many suspected was true, but the industry had been denying for years: scientific evidence that nicotine was addictive.  This set off a chain of events that still reverberates today. 

DeNoble took his findings to the people despite a strict confidentiality agreement, testifying about his research in the infamous 1994 Congressional hearings -- the same ones where the seven heads of the major tobacco companies declared that nicotine was not addictive.  In the end, an unprecedented alliance of journalists, politicians, attorneys, and whistleblowers banded together to achieve what was once considered impossible:  the first ever federal regulation of the tobacco industry. 

They all come together to tell their stories in Addiction Incorporated, a story of one man risking everything to make a difference, shaking up a powerful industry and saving countless lives along the way.

Cliff Douglas, director of the University of Michigan Tobacco Research Network and School of Public Health lecturer, will introduce the film (which he is featured in). Co-sponsored by the SPH Office of Public Health Practice and the UM Tobacco Research Network. For more information on this documentary, visit